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Once enrolled in the TruQuill Apartment Approval Program, a Relocation Specialist will contact you to discuss your desired new apartment. You will be asked to provide a list of 3-5 apartments within the price range and location that fit your needs.

Within 48 hours upon receiving your list of apartments, an Approved apartment is found for you! TruQuill takes the guess work out of Apartment Approval.

From applying to the apartment to picking up your keys, we walk you through the entire process.
With over 12,000 TruQuill Approved properties, there's sure to be one near you.

Submit your application today to enroll in our Guaranteed Apartment Approval Program. Work with one of our experienced Relocation Specialists to find the Apartment Approval that's right for you.

TruQuill is among the industry leaders in obtaining innovative apartment approval.

check back soon to apply to a fully automated TruQuill!
check back soon to apply to a fully automated TruQuill!
"Very pleasant. I'm really blessed that TruQuill is available to help people like me get a good apartment, even though we have a bad credit report."

- Charles of Marlborough, MA

"Excellent, prompt, and professional service!! Keep up the good work."

- Lillian of Columbia, MO
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